about us


kacey Dangerfield

is an experience curator who seeks to provide out-of-the-box events and designs that cater to the creative Millennial family. Her most notable events include her annual Kidchella festival, Dads Can Doo it Too, and The Hunt, an Easter Egg Hunt like no other! By day, she’s a Speech-Language Pathologist who currently serves the birth-3 year old population. Mom of three, and wife to her college sweetheart, Kacey shares the filtered and unfiltered experiences of her family via her Instagram page @_kayalex_. While her world revolves around her family, Kacey knows the importance of self-care. Sometimes it’s a day out with girlfriends and other times it’s spiking her drink with Hennessy. For the sake of this podcast, she’ll keep it cute and sip slowly from her Bellini.


Ericka Monroe

is a full-time Federal government employee climbing the career ladder in the world of Budget. Ironically, Ericka’s baccalaureate degree is in Journalism and Mass Communications—solidifying the promise of a number-free career—it’s funny how life works. The attention to detail in numbers in her day job filters over into her passion as a papiere hobbyist, crafting wedding and event stationery.  As a wife and mother of three, life can get hectic. Between birthday parties, activities, and school there is little time left for self-anything. When an opportunity for a good face mask or quality girl time arises, it’s best enjoyed with a good Bellini.


Casey Snipes

better known as Casey Renae, a Graphic Designer, Speaker, Educator, Business Owner, Author, and Mother. She has managed to successfully master all of the aforementioned throughout her career while also taking care of her two sons; Carson (4) and Kyrie (2). In 2015, she transitioned from an independent Graphic Design professional to a full-service design agency while juggling and embracing the joys of motherhood. As the owner and Lead Designer of the Snipes Design Agency, Casey Renae brands success-driven entrepreneurs, small businesses and celebrities’ while using visual communication to design with intricate detail. In her spare time she gardens and googles homemade skin care recipes while sipping a chilled peach Bellini.